Hello and THANK YOU for visiting my website.  

My name is Raven and I am a Spiritual Consultant.
What is a Spiritual Consultant? 

A Spiritual Consultant is someone who can help you to live a better, healthier and happier life.

My approach to a better life includes: Intuitive readings, water healing, self clearing and protection blessings, positive affirmations and intention setting, Chakra clearings, space cleansings, land clearings,  E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), Ho'oponopono, and prayer.  

I love what I do and want the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.  My advice is based upon your particular situation and how you can change it for the better.

Everything I do is based upon the simple fact that Light clears out all darkness and Love conquers all hate.

I welcome clients of all religious backgrounds and beliefs. 

Disclaimer:  All services rendered are for informational, inspirational, and entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed doctor, so if you have serious illnesses please seek the advice of a trained therapist or medical doctor.

Raven Ashleigh, BS, MAEd, MN Licensed Teacher



Welcome and THANK YOU for being here.

With Much Healing Love and Gratitude


A bit about me:

I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of facts about my life but I am going to share that I had to reach rock bottom before my life started to get better. I have learned how to live a better life through many tragedies and triumphs. 

There was a point in my life where it was either change or die. 

If you feel as if you've reached a point in your life where nothing seems to be working, I implore you to begin healing in new and effective ways.

Raven's Realm

Spiritual Consultant
Change your thinking, change your energy, change your life.